Vinyl Plank Flooring Adelaide

Vinyl Plank Flooring Adelaide

Hard to Match Vinyl Plank Flooring in Adelaide

At Direct Flooring Outlet in Adelaide, we only offer vinyl plank flooring that we believe in ourselves. This has helped us in gaining the trust of many customers throughout our 20 years of experience. Be it a domestic or commercial job, our team provides a personalised approach. That being said, our clients are assured of quality results that can stand the test of time. We even bring samples to your home so you can realistically choose between our products.

Moreover, we take pride in providing an endless array of flooring options to our clients. This means you’ll save time and energy as you don’t have to scour the internet and second doubt prospective companies ever again. It is our goal to offer our client’s satisfaction and the best experience at the best prices possible. With the help of other industry practitioners, we have been successfully proving why we are unrivalled. 

What You Should Know About Vinyl Plank, Sheet and Tile Flooring in Adelaide?

Aside from vinyl plank flooring in Adelaide, you’ll probably come across other options such as tiles and sheets. To find out more about them, here is some valuable information to consider:

Vinyl Planks
Plank shaped vinyl is created to mimic the appearance of hardwood. Since they look very similar to the real ones, the light scratches on them will look as if they’re part of the design. So if you’re going for wood flooring but without the issues that come with it, this is your best option.

Vinyl Tiles
Vinyl tile flooring is ideal for customers who want a surface resembling stones or slates. Since they’re designed to look like tiles, you can also put grout between their crevices. Moreover, because of their style, future damage can be more obvious for vinyl tiles. 

Vinyl Sheets
Rolling vinyl sheets are typically the choice for offices with a large floor area. They don’t require much precision during installation.

Vinyl Plank Flooring Adelaide
Vinyl Plank Flooring Adelaide

Common Issues of Vinyl Plank Flooring in Adelaide

Vinyl plank flooring in Adelaide is known for its resistance against water, wear and tear and affordability. However, it doesn’t mean they are completely safe from any damage in the future.

Dulled Appearance
Since vinyl planks can last for a long time, they can look dull over a long period of usage.

Due to the build-up of dirt, oil, acidic material and other abrasive elements, vinyl can change in colour. Aside from that, exposure to direct sunlight or heat can also cause the vinyl to turn yellow.

Homes and offices have heavy tables and chairs that can damage the flooring. It can leave them irreversibly damaged.

Our Solution
While the aforementioned issues can cause headaches, going ahead with maintenance work can save you and your flooring. After the installation of vinyl plank flooring, we can cover it with sealant to prolong the beauty and avoid scratches or dents. We also suggest putting pads on the base of your furniture.

Vinyl plank flooring in Adelaide is best for both residential and commercial spaces. If you’re ready to revamp your space, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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