Vinyl Flooring Adelaide

Vinyl Flooring Adelaide

Providing Top-Quality Vinyl Flooring in Adelaide

As an award-winning company, we guarantee to provide premium vinyl flooring in Adelaide. We only work with the leading brands for floor technology, so you can rest assured of the quality. Aside from that, at Direct Flooring Outlet, we take pride in our expert installers with over 20 years of practice in the business. This has allowed us to gain knowledge of flooring like the back of our hands. We also offer an extensive range of options for clients because we know that one or two designs are certainly not enough to choose from.

We are a family-owned business which has allowed us to gain an understanding of how homeowners really feel within their homes. For this reason, we offer our passion and dedication in amongst impressive workmanship at a competitive price. We believe everyone should enjoy a beautiful space, regardless of whether you’re a solo homeowner, a family, or a real estate agent trying to sell the property.

What is Vinyl Flooring in Adelaide?

Vinyl flooring remains one of the most popular choices in Adelaide with homeowners. Most likely, it’s because of how unique the benefits are as it is produced using a synthetic material called polyvinyl chloride plastic or PVC. This material is pressed into thin layers and is made to form into vinyl tiles or planks. They look extremely realistic with all the wood grains the real thing has, only cheaper.

Vinyl flooring in Adelaide is durable as well and is widely used for areas with high foot traffic. This is because areas with high traffic lead to more static. It’s known for its versatility and cost-effectiveness and is also easy to install. All you need is to have a levelled ground, remove the adhesive and stick the vinyl plank or tile. Because of how easy it is to install, you save more time and money.

Vinyl Flooring Adelaide
Vinyl Flooring Adelaide

 Why Choose Vinyl Flooring in Adelaide?

Aside from affordability, versatility and easy installation, vinyl flooring in Adelaide has a lot more to offer. In fact, it is known to have moisture resistance due to the material used for the flooring. It is extremely durable and low maintenance, which only requires less energy and money after the installation. Additionally, vinyl flooring in Adelaide can help you during cold months. This is because vinyl doesn’t absorb the same amount of coldness as other flooring does.

Thanks to top of the line technology, vinyl flooring in Adelaide have been massively produced with more visual depth. This allows countless homeowners to enjoy the aesthetic look real hardwood provides. But of course, without breaking the bank. There are also other more luxurious vinyl options you can choose from. Aside from that, Direct Flooring Outlet also offers you other options such as laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, carpet and more.

Vinyl flooring in Adelaide is a cheaper yet reliable alternative. Talk with our
team today to have a consultation.

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