Quick Step Flooring Adelaide

Quick Step Flooring Adelaide

Trusted Supplier of Quick Step Flooring in Adelaide

Like Quick Step, providing exceptional flooring for Adelaide homes is our goal. We uphold our core values in delivering impressive outputs, leading to our company being the top choice for many customers in the region. At Direct Flooring Outlet, we strongly believe that listening and envisioning can help turn our client’s dreams into reality.

For this reason, we make sure that no matter how small or big the project is, we will always provide in-home consultations. This way, you can see our large selection of products and how they fit into your space. With our personalised services, we have been helping a lot of home and business owners throughout Adelaide. We only offer them the latest trends, durable and stylish designs.

What is Quick Step Flooring in Adelaide?

Quick Step is an innovative and revolutionary flooring option in Adelaide. This Belgium based brand produces durable, stunning floors using patented Uniclic locking system, which is famous for engineered timber floorings. The design range they offer is wide, including Classic, Colonial, and Eligna, to name a few.

For over 20 years, we have collaborated with many different brands which has enabled us to witness their quality for ourselves. The signature styles we offer suit Australian homes so well. So, it’s no surprise how rapidly they have taken over the industry of laminated flooring. However, despite its myriad of benefits, having a reliable installer is important to ensure you get to maximise its quality for a long time. Aside from laminated flooring, Quick Step also supplies us with luxury vinyl and other wood flooring options.

Quick Step Flooring Adelaide
Quick Step Flooring Adelaide

Why Choose Quick Step Flooring for Your Adelaide Home?

Vinyl flooring is famous for how durable it is, especially if the products are from Quick Step in Adelaide. If you’re unfamiliar with this, here are some advantages you might want to become familiar with.
  1. Fast installation Quick Step is famous for its Uniclic click system which is one of the easiest ways to install floorings.
  2. No tools are needed Since it is powered by a Uniclic click system, no other tools are needed to install them perfectly.
  3. Say goodbye to cold feet A lot of people go barefoot in their homes, whether it’s summer or winter. Quick Step offers a warm yet convenient setting at an affordable price.
  4. Easy to maintain One of the benefits of this flooring is how easy the maintenance process is. All you need to do is use water and dust cleaner. You can also use your vacuum for thorough cleaning.
  5. Durable Regardless of which product you see on our website, they’re only sourced from premium manufacturers.

Choose Direct Flooring Outlet to install your Quick Step in Adelaide. Contact us today.

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