Floating Floors Adelaide

Floating Floors Adelaide

High-Quality Floating Floors in Adelaide

Whether you’re looking for vinyl flooring, timber flooring, or floating floors in Adelaide, we’ve got you covered. At Direct Flooring Outlet, we aim to relieve our clients of the hassles of hopping from one company to another. This often happens when one store doesn’t have what they’re looking for. But not with us. We offer an extensive range of designs and choices, allowing you to get the best of all options.

With our many years of experience, we know that flooring varies for homeowners. This is why we collaborate with other professionals in the industry, such as designers, builders and architects. By doing so, we can assure you of how premium our quality of work is. In addition to that, we only work with the leading suppliers to ensure quality among our clients. There are no big or small projects for us, as we always provide our premium services at a reasonable price.

What are Floating Floors in Adelaide?

You might be confused by the concept of floating floors in Adelaide. This type of flooring is referred to as engineered timber floors. However, it does not relate to the type of flooring material used but rather the installation process it involves. It doesn’t require the traditional flooring installation, such as nailing or glue-down. To put it simply, this flooring functions sort of like a puzzle where individual planks or tiles are interlocked together to form a single surface.

It has grown in popularity due to its simplicity and ease. Needless to say, just like other types of flooring, you have to prepare and level a floor to achieve the ultimate sleekness floating floors offer. Innovations have also allowed for this type of flooring to increase durability. It looks aesthetically pleasing like hardwood flooring does but instead, you can have it at a fraction of the price.

Floating Floors Adelaide

Advantages of Floating Floors in Adelaide

Because of its ‘click-lock system’, the installation of floating floors in Adelaide could probably be the fastest flooring option. Since it has a non-traditional way of instalment, it offers great stability and offers insulation to homeowners. It could also be a great way to conceal imperfections on your floors which you don’t have the time and money to repair. Moreover, given that it only needs to snap to secure placement, it creates some sort of air cushion underneath the floor.

This cushion offers benefits for homeowners, especially those who have leg and back problems. In addition to that, they provide excellent protection from allergies since it does not collect dirt and allergens from its crevices. Maintaining floating floors are easy too, as you’ll only be needing polishing and sanding. Direct Flooring Outlet also offers other flooring options such as vinyl flooring, timber flooring, carpet flooring and laminate flooring.

Get started on your desired home makeover with our floating floors in Adelaide. Contact our team today and get the premium service you deserve!

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