Engineered timber flooring Adelaide

Engineered timber flooring Adelaide

What Is Engineered Timber Flooring In Adelaide?

An engineered timber flooring in Adelaide or also known as floating floors is a great alternative to solid timber woods. Consisting of real wood, our engineered flooring is easy to install with a natural timber quality but at a much cheaper price. Because of its efficient system of snap and lock, it is named as the fastest way to spruce up your home or conceal stubborn stains or damaged floors. 

At Direct Flooring Outlet, we want to provide the most suitable flooring advice for your home. That’s why understanding your situation is a big deal to us. From our initial contact, we want to know what is important to you. This way, we can work around your budget and provide special offers to guarantee an exceptional experience. Aside from that, we can work with other industry professionals as well achieve the maximum transformation for your home.

Engineered Timber Your Quick Fix For Floorings In Adelaide

Solid hardwood timbers are often confused with engineered timber floorings in Adelaide. Since both are made with real wood, the resemblance is spot on. But of course, you can always tell which is which when you look closely enough. Solid hardwood is made from a single piece of wood. On the other hand, engineered timber consists of only a sheet of real timber.

Engineered timber flooring in Adelaide is easy and fast to install. All you need to do is place it over an existing flooring, levelled ground or a cemented surface and snap the floorboards together to lock them. It is ideal if you have a quick makeover project or if you need to fix and conceal a stain on your floor. Engineered boards come in a vast array of colours, boards, materials and widths.

Engineered timber flooring Adelaide
Engineered Timber Flooring Adelaide

Maintaining Your Engineered Timber Floorings In Adelaide 

Since the top layer of engineered timber flooring in Adelaide is made of thin timber, it’s prone to scratches. Below we have listed the proper care and maintenance of engineered timber:

  1. Use an anti-static mop on the floor to clean dust and dirt.
  2. Don’t use excessive amounts of water on the floor.
  3. Never use corrosive material.
  4. Place doormats and rigs at every entrance of the home.
  5. Put protectors on your heavy furniture’s leg or support.
  6. Refrain from direct sunlight on the floor.

When the installation is done, it’s natural to hear squeaky or creaking sounds as you walk across the room. The sound is created because air is trapped under the floor. Additionally, the engineered timber also needs to adapt to the conditions of the work.

Engineered timber floorings in Adelaide is a great way to enhance your home, contact us today for a consultation.

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