Carpet and Flooring Adelaide

Carpet and Flooring Adelaide

Carpet and Flooring Trends in Adelaide

New carpet and flooring in Adelaide can make your space look good as new again. So, if you’re planning to revamp your space, we have listed up and coming trends for you.

While wooden flooring will never go out of style, trendy carpets are making a big comeback. Carpet is plush on the feet, and neutral and earthy tones are popular this year. Customers are also becoming more eco-friendly, so they’re opting for carpets made with sustainable materials. Moreover, expect maximalist and patterned designs to take over the industry.

Wooden Flooring
We all know how hardwood flooring can add value to a property, but this option can often be expensive. This being said, engineered hardwood is becoming the new trend. Aside from its easy to install system, it is more cost-effective and looks very similar to real hardwood. Additionally, bamboo flooring is making waves in the industry for being an eco-friendly option.

Things to Consider When Choosing Between Carpet and Other Flooring Options in Adelaide

When it comes to installing carpet and other flooring, only a few companies in Adelaide can provide exceptional service. Fortunately, Direct Flooring Outlet has been in the industry for many years, which has enabled us to develop extensive knowledge in both of these options.

Recently, carpet has experienced great innovations that have made it more attractive. This has also contributed to making it more durable with proper maintenance. Carpet is made with fabric and is comfortable to walk on, offering warmth no other flooring can offer.

On the other hand, wood flooring has become a staple for customers, especially if they want a more refined look for their space. It comes in many different colours, sizes and finishes as opposed to carpet, which tends to have fewer. Depending on your choice, wood flooring is easy to install and can last up to 100 years. Moreover, wood is easier to clean and maintain, which is its biggest benefit.

Carpet and Flooring Adelaide
Carpet and Flooring Adelaide

Your Trusted Carpet and Flooring Experts in Adelaide

Not all carpet and flooring companies in Adelaide deliver on their promise. But with Direct Flooring Outlet, you’re definitely in good hands. We are renowned for our consistent reliability and quality workmanship. This is made possible thanks to our 20 years of combined experience and collaborative nature. We love to work with fellow experts in the industry such as builders, designers and architects. In addition to that, we make sure to only provide our clients with top-notch materials that have proven beauty and durability. With this, we ensure that our highest standards are maintained and our clients are delighted with the outcome.

As a family-owned business, we understand how important it is to save time, especially when it involves your home. Nobody wants to experience too much hassle shopping at a range of different companies just to get the products and services that they want. Recognising this, we decided to fill the gap and offer a complete range of flooring materials.

We’re not your average carpet and flooring company in Adelaide. Call our team today to experience our high quality of service for yourself!

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